Monday, 18 May 2015

Post Op Day 1

Received a knock on the door from the helper in the morning to order my complimentary breakfast. I am not a breakfast person, so I opted out. Then about 930am, I received a  call from Yusman. Time for massage.. I was very prepared for my massage. 3 years back, the massage for the thigh.. was a killer! No joke.. the massage is meant for draining excess liquid, that will speed up healing and the swelling. Doc gave me a good press the other time.. and the blood just squirted on the wall, and I remember I was soo apologetic, and the nurses were soo sweet to say.. sorry for pressing so hard.. I think the after care is really important. Especially when you are alone, and feeling emotional, some TLC from nurses will really help! After the massage, doc came to check on me to see how everything is doing, and all was good for me.. so i guess that's good news!

Time for some photos.. if you can notice... there are no more bulges on the side of my arms or near the armpits , which i am really really pleased about!!

After all was done, went back to my room and have some lunch, then continued with some good ipad videos :)

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