Thursday, 11 June 2015

One Month Post Op

Decided to do a random update.. I was just looking at my pre-op photos, and boy, am i glad i made the decision to go for the arms surgery.. It was sooo big previously, that all my muscles were all hidden beneath those layers of fats (according to what Dr. said, but totally true) No more bruising after 2 weeks, i even went for a holiday, did some kayaking 3 weeks post surgery.. Now it's been 1 month and 4 days,and the results are pretty great i must say...

So instead of me just saying, here's the photos:

My upper body looks significantly smaller compared to my before.

I do have some loose skin now, and i guess the only way to get rid of that is just exercising. In fact, I have already resumed my exercised routine, and hopefully, I will have a slim and toned upper body soon :)

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