Monday, 18 May 2015

Medan Day 1

I booked my surgery in a way so i could rest over the weekend. This advice is definitely helpful if you are doing your thighs since the amount of fats that will be sucked out will be more, and recovery will be slightly longer.

I arrived in Medan and this time, i was really impressed with the new Kuala Namu Airport, which is about 1 hour's drive from Dr's clinic. The airport is clean, safe and not forgetting, has way more food choices than the old Polonia airport. I even manage to grab a roti boy after passing through immigration. I opted for the arrival car transfer, which was $22 from the airport direct to the clinic. Dr Arthur also provided complimentary airport transfer from the train station, but i decided not to go through all the hassle and just go for the car transfer instead. Helps in saving time and which will ensure surgery starts on time, which helps in giving me more time to rest!

Photo - in the car, on the way to Dr's clinic

Arrived at the clinic and Yusman greeted me. How nostalgic the feeling. If you were wondering, am I scared? Yes of course to a certain extent.. i mean.. it's a surgery afterall.. Since i been there for my surgery in 2012 before, i know what was going to happen etc, so i guess i was pretty prepared for it. Had a good long bath, then continued eating my roti boy and then, it was time for the dr's consultation. Right after the consulation, the dr took some photos and video for my fat pre-op arms, and then continued in cleaning me with iodine, before we started the procedure. Throughout the cleaning etc, Yusman was there and she was reassuring me and i guess that really helps. 

I lied on the operating theatre, and was talking to Yusman, and the next thing i know, i woke up in the massage room... Lol! i asked how i got there, and Yusman who was there with me for the entire 2 hours i was sleeping in the massage room, said we walked there together. I guess i was too drowsy and forgot everything that happened...

Tip – when you are alone in the room, it can be a little lonely.. so my learning after my first trip was to bring my ipad wherever I went.. It really helped that I had my ipad with me to stream videos while I was there. Wifi connection was really good ;)

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