Monday, 18 May 2015

3 years after my Legs Lipo for my Arms

So after 3 years after having lipo done on my legs , I finally decided to have it done on my arms too.
In case you were wondering, this is my before and after for my legs.. i must say, 3 years later, I am really happy with my results..

To give you some background, I am not like really fat, but I have pretty large limbs, and not, it’s not because I am big-boned.. tried dieting, cardio and toning, acupuncture slimming, but for some reason, the fats just don’t seem to go away! I did make a little promise to myself as much as possible, to use non-invasive methods.. but oh well, 3 years later, after trying all the toning, seems like my  arms are not behaving, so I decided to go back to Dr Arthur for my arms liposuction.

In case you were wondering, I did do some research on local doctors so aftercare would be simpler, but Is too expensive. Also, seems like all the death cases were from Singapore, and since my surgery in 2012 with Dr Arthur was really successful, I decided to go with him again. Besides, the aftercare was not too difficult to manage. Medan is only about 1 hour flight away, and Dr’s clinic is all inclusive. It has a operating theatre, 2 massage rooms, guest rooms with double beds and a choice of ensuite bathroom, a dining room and living room. I have never been for any surgeries my entire life, and going for the procedure at Dr’s place, don’t even feel like a visit to the hospital or any sort. I like that cozy and homely feeling. 

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